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When should you convince your clients to adopt a new channel / technology?

At the moment has come up on my radar as the next big thing in video content. What’s interesting is that they compete somewhat with Periscope & Meerkat, but they enable a group video chat, so it’s more of a discussion / collaboration than one to many platform and it’s just easier to use (than especially Meerkat).

This is a power tool for creating video/audio content, because they allow you to download the video & audio (separately) and share to YouTube. This enables you to create audio based content (podcasts) separately if you feel like it, all from the original video that you made. They are not trying to ‘wall up the garden’ in terms of where you can access the content and that’s great.

You can also decide if you want to be ‘on the record’ (recording) or ‘off the record’ (just live video without recording) and it will automatically combine sections that you were ‘on the record’ into the final downloads.

So to come back to the question, when should you convince your clients to adopt a new technology?

I would recommend adopting it when it enables you to create content for multiple channels in an easier fashion. This doesn’t mean it’s a simple jump from nothing to doing video content. Video stays video, so you need proper recording equipment to do something professional.

Existing producers of video content should be very happy with this. gets my vote, until the next big thing…

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