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Performance enhancements & engine swops.
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By keyterm
Hey Guys,

I can get a 2nd 20Valve blacktop from a 2001 RXI for R1000. This engine has a f*@#k crank. It has the head, pistons, conrods, starter, alternator, block and all the other bits and pieces. The only thing that is missing is the throttle bodies & air intake....I have a 2001 RXI so I rekon its a good buy for spare....what u guys think...?

Now I am starting to think about modifying this motor & keeping my original one standard.....turbo I rekon is a good bet! So now to lower the compression.....what is a good piston set to use...? Will a set of 4AGZE pistons work? Bearing in mind that I don't wanna get a set of like Wiseco pistons which go for about R6000....little steep! What other pistons could be used which are a resonable cost...?
By 88RSI
4AGZE Will work, sol will 2.6L kombi pistons
By keyterm
Great thanks Marius.....what u mean by "sol will 2.6L kombi pistons".....?

Now the next question......what turbo is the best to use for my application....anyone have idea's...? The vechile will be used as a daily runner and for some racing.....specially against those guys in their merc's & BMW's!
By Deeno
Ive heard that there are Nissan bakkies fitted with a 4AGE AND a TD04 turbo doing 13 second quarter miles....imagine what a 20 valver will do.

I'd say for a 1.6 litre engine, a TD04 Garret will do the trick. Also, for R1000, you got a bargain.
By 88RSI
Kombi 2.6 have the same bore but the pin to deck s lower and make's for
a good drop in C/R, plus they are suposed to very strong.
By 00katana
Someone told me that Kolbnshmidt ( KS) is now also making "turbo-pistons". The pistons apparently has a dish in the top making for good combustion and sqwish. HAvent seen them yet though.
By Super-D
Kombi- as in Volkswagen mikrobus kombi 2.6L.
I heared garret t3/4 hybrid- unsure....
By 88RSI
Yes VW kombi 2.6L
Would also think T3/T4 hybrid, T4 garreth is bit big, only for the big boys

Just a question, a piston with a dish would not have a good squish area,
as squish area is the area on top of a piston that is suppose to be so
close to the head that it will force the air to another part of the chamber
like the centre where there is more space. On the T/C's the squish is
actually build into the combustion chamber, you will see that is not
completely spherical, but had build up areas on the sides, to force air
in to the centre.

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