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By Bivash
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to enable the auto lock on the verso?
(Door latch's lock when your speed goes over 20)
Internet help are all for Auto transmission, my car is manual.
Toyota says they cant do it, but im sure there must be a way.
Any help might shed some light, even how to enable it on a corolla and i can try it on the verso.

Thank you
By Steve
How many dealers have you tried? Sometimes one dealer mysteriously cannot do it, while another dealer magically can!
By Bivash
That might be a good idea, I've only tried 1 dealer for now.
Will call another dealer and see what he says.
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By Raskal
A "Lock on Start" module needs to be wired in. They work on Hilux, Fortuners, Verso's. Its not available from Toyota though.

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