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hi guys i am PREZ G ..,owner of a 180 RSI
I understand that we have some brilliant petrol heads here and would like to now what can I do to get the maximum power from my motor.
:cussing: 4age 16v won't start up.
I have changed a blown head gasket...done everything correctly...car has spark.enough fuel.I have double checked the dizzy but engine won't start up.
Any ideas?
typical issue is wrong dizzy timing, even one tooth out may cause not to start, if you have spark it says that there is signal from dizzy, but if that spark is at wrong time, you are gonna struggle, also is plug leads correct? easy to get it wrong, is rotor in cap? easy to forget.

check cambelt timing as well. make sure its right, also check compression, you never know, maybe mixed up shims?

assuming standard management?

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