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Hello members. Need advice from the wise people here. I know Pottie and Marius would be able to explain well but don't know when last I saw them on the forum. Anyway block has been redone. The cylinder to head mating surface is fine. Would I still need to skim it even though there is no warpage when inspected according to the manual? Please note the block and head are o-ringed hence the use of the copper gasket. It is a custom made copper gasket that has been cut for the engine.
Was going to use ARP head studs. Turbo Direct no longer import them and Turbo and Nos connexion will only get stock in 3 to 4 weeks time. I have been told by automotive machinist to heat the gasket and let it cool in coil. Another who built race engines told me to heat it up and spray some silver spray, will get the name for it, and then fit it and quickly assemble the head. We wanted to use ARP studs and I recall Marco aka SCboy saying to insert heli coils or re-groove the block threads for the head studs. So cannot obtain them ARP bolts, is it okay if we use brand new Original TOYOTA cylinder head bolts or is it still a better option to get the ARP studs?

The application for the interim will be supercharged but within 5months give or take it will be boosted with a T3/T4 turbo instead at roughly 1bar or 1.2bar. The std 365cc injectors will be in use for now coupled with std size OEM 8.9:1 ze pistons. When we cross over to the turbo, we will use 550cc bosch injectors.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated :thumbright:
I never said that about the head studs :o . U need 2 heat up the head gasket till is almost red everywhere and drop it in water. The process is called "quenching" . It soffens up the copper so that it is much more malleable and workable. Be very careful not to kind the gasket after that. that silver spray jobby can be done as well, but its not necessary. Just "lick" the head on skim machine taking as little as possible of just too see that the head is straight.

I would recommend getting the ARP studs even if u have 2 wait a bit. I regret never using them on my motor.

Another than that u are the right path bro :thumbright:
Thank you Marco. I could've troubled you on the phone like I did for the con-rods :lol: but thought you'd be busy so didn't. Thanks for the advice. The head seems like it needs that lick as with keeping it around places before it came into our possession, it has those tiny graze marks on certain of the surfaces. Will heat it with a the acetylene gas bottles at work then. Thanks once again. :thumbright:
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