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By Kubz
Hi Peeps,

I have just been quoted R6000.00 by TC panel beaters to respray my bonnet on my Runx ( paint fading due to sun) . Is this a fair price for Johannesburg. If not , can urll suggest someone who is cheaper but does a good quality job.
By Die$eL
i'd rather pay the higher amount and have it come out perfect.

Also, you want them to put on a thick layer.

I've had spray work done where it was cheap and looked nice but within 2 weeks it was full of stone chips (front bumper) coz the paint is not thick enough.

Car world auto in wynburg did some spray work for me. The body work was excellent. However the reassembly was crap. They only put back like 2 bolts and 1 clip on the front grill of the hilux. They also didnt fix the bumper on properly.
there was still a handful left lying inside the van.

End of the day, the quality of the spray work means more to me. Reassembly is something that i can sort myself.
By Rajiv
Agreed, the quality of the spraywork and the paint itself makes all the difference to me

At R6000 I say its really expensive for just paint and labour (if that's what you are referring to)

There are guys that would do an excellent job for R1000 and there are guys that charge R5000 and the work is :pukeright:
I have come to learn that with spraywork its not a case of "you pay for what you get"

Try view some previous work of any panelbeater/spraypainter before you give them the job. My previous car was done twice and both times professional panelbeating companies (insurance appointed) totally messed up my car.
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