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By Ridwaan
hi guys

i wana fit laminX on the headlamps, mainly for hiding the fading marks on the headlamps,

is it legal? with December coming up road blocks are gonna be everywhere.

also, will it reduce the light produced by the hid's?

thanks in advance :thumbright:
By shavs
I fitted normal laminx tint the medium shade and never had any problems.
By Ridwaan
shavs wrote:I fitted normal laminx tint the medium shade and never had any problems.
thanks for the reply, so no light dimming and no problems with the police?

do you have a pic of the normal shade on your headlamp?
By Aveezy
I seen a few cars with yellow lamin x and I really wanted the same on my headlights and fogs but was also abit worried about it being legal or not as traffic officers these days are full of it ..
By shavs
It does cut the light but not drastic...if you have HID then should be fine..i havent been stopped by the cops and I have passed them many times
By xploding
just dont put blue, cause then you will be asking them to stop you. go for the light grey. and HID,
If they stop you, all you need to say is the HID are to bright and people flash you on the road, so you fitted the laminX to dim it a little
By 87RSi
Have to agree with the light grey - looks great :thumbright: :thumbright: :thumbright:
I have it on my modified '91 conquest.
People keeps asking me where I got the smoked headlights from.
(Damn - having a hard time posting a pic :evil: )
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