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By Die$eL

I've known of these guys for a while but never really looked at their stuff.

Although its a 4x4 accessory site they have loads of stuff which is generic, like bulbs etc.

http://www.4x4direct.co.za/shop/index.p ... ex&cPath=2

From shopping around i'd say their prices are quite good.
I will be ordering my dashboard bulbs and dome light bulb from them shortly.

The chaps from the 4x4 club use them very often and apparently their service and products are really good!

Out of interest, check out the article on the LED bars which replace the normal spot lamps. :shock: :shock:
By NeMo
id say they decently priced ;)
seriously.. not too bad.

like the T10 5smd.. im selling the same one at R30 a pair..
they got it for R26each.. excl :dontknow:

i didnt keep the Festoon bulbs cos it sells too slowly.. :drunken:
might get a few tho.. since some guys asked me for it. :D
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