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Howzit gents
I want give my branch/manifold that chrome effect...
Got a quote of R900 from powerkote but befcre I go with them I want to c if I have any other options...
Do u guys know any methods for me to get the same effect or somewhere else I could try?

Thanx :thumbright:

I'm in gauteng and will be in Durbs soon so any spots in those areas plz
By T.R.D. .
hey man you can get the branch high polished not sure if it will give you the real chrome effect but is much cheaper and does make it shine :)
By noturaverageTRD
There's a place in Gazina side somewhere, a guy who did his tappet cover and strut brace did it there. Have no other details. This is on voortrekker road Pta. I used a rough grit water sand paper 220 and removed the rust and paint from my strut bar, i then use p800 to smoothen it nicely with water and then i sprayed clear coat. It the best i could do to get them to look chrome like and believe it or not they still look good a few months later.
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