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By AshW
Yoh. 8000rpm for a 1300 with no rev counter! Thats hectic. I never knew they revd so high. Tawt it wud be about 6500rpm like the 4af/e. Whats the point of it revving so high though?
By Skalabala
onley point to rev it so high is to show of :D
it becomes realy dead after 7000rpm.
by the way Vensel Nortman use them for race engines :wink:
By Cousen
Here I was under the impression that the 2e does not have a limiter, never knew it had electronics.
By dalkill
Have to go down this route as well now.
anybody done this recently. has it become any cheaper to recon 2e?

also, are these jap imports worth looking into? i think my crank also needs to be replaced so that may make it alot more expensive.
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