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Long-term build projects.
By REV 2 11
Hi guys...man it has been a while...

A few years ago, I started thinking about building my version of the perfect track car.

I had decided that the engine of choice would be a high-revving normally aspirated 20v. Because I was planning to use a small displacement N/A engine, the car had to be lightweight, around the 1-ton mark. My original intent was to put this engine into my AE92 Corolla. But I soon wised-up to the fact the the ideal layout for a track car is an MR configuration, and not a FF or FR or even a RR configuration.
Another thing I considered was the vehicles parts availability, both OEM and aftermarket.

So it was sometime earlier this year, that the hunt for an original condition MR2 Hardtop began...
My colour of choice was red, and needless to say, finding a Red MR2 with a Hardtop is not the fastest process. But my patience was to be well rewarded.

After searching for what seemed like eternity, I finally found a Spyder that was still in excellent condition overall and 99% original - the only part of the car that was not original was the tail piece.

I took delivery of her a little under 2 months ago, on the 1st of July.






Since then, I've had the miserable OEM HU replaced with a 1DIN Clarion DXZ785USB, and the speakers upgraded to JL Audio TR 650CSi splits.

The next thing that I plan to do - hopefully this weekend - is remove the precats, strictly as a preventative measure.
I doubt I'll go any further than that for now with any engine mods...for two reasons: I am still learning the car's characteristics, and I'm waiting to bring in the last few parts for the 20v build - the rods, gasket, and valves

Some of the parts being used for the 20v Engine build:
- TODA Camshafts, Cam gears, Valve Springs, Cambelt
- Supertech Valves, Titanium Retainers
- ARP Main studs, Custom Head studs, Flywheel bolts
- Wiseco custom spec High-comp pistons
- Carrillo custom spec conrods

So far as I know, there is no other Mk3 MR2 that has done a 4A-GE swap...16v or 20v!
Most people would rather go the 2ZZ route, but to be quite honest, I'm not a fan of the ZZ series engines, and I believe the 20v has more potential in this chassis.
As for the engine weight difference between the ZZ and the 20v, well my cast iron 20v engine will actually weigh almost the same if not less than the aluminium ZZ engines.

More pics to follow... :wink:

Comments and criticism welcome :thumbright:

Pics added (22/09/2011)
The TODA head setup:

The stamp of approval... :twisted:

The ARP Goodies - Main studs, Flywheel bolts, and custom head studs:

Custom Wiseco pistons...with enough clearance for just about any valve situation:
By 160Ti
Nice ther DUB !! keep us posted as you Go..

O btw.. you can get a lsd G/Box for mr2 but must be import.

Cabby looks awesome :notworthy:
By Trdcrazy
Brilliant cant wait to see the finished project,goodluck :thumbright:
By JoeX
Congrats, The car still looks nice and neat. I also have a track project... I was also thinking off a 20v motor but was turned down by who race with them.. valves go mushroom from all the high rev's :(

I've just got my car's head back after it has been gasflow and skimmed and 268 cams been fitted... My car's weight is about 700kg after my weight reduction. I will take it on the track again on the 15th October at zwartkops.. will yours be ready?? Then we can have some fun... 8)
By REV 2 11
Hey guys, thanks for the compliments. :D
Will upload some pics of the parts to be used later today...

@ 160Ti - Yep, will keep the updates coming. I will eventually use an LSD, but haven't decided which one to use yet though. I'll put the engine in first and see how she reacts, and decide from there.

@ Trdcrazy - thanx!

@ 20v_Monster_ZN - Sorry man, I can't let the cat outta the bag just yet. Only once the engine is in and running the way I'm expecting it to, doing the times and power I expect of it, thats when I'll disclose more definative specs of the parts used...

@ 20v 2 NV - Thanks. The Spyder weighs 992kg with the Hardtop in place. Weighs around 975kg without the Hardtop.

@ JoeX - Thanks man. Well, I would tend to agree with you, but to a certain extent - I think essentially a race engine of Formula Atlantic 16v / Group N2 20v build caliber, should be rebuilt after every race season, or 250 racing hours... but thats a rule of thumb. In any case, thats why I primarily opted for the Supertech Valves. Mind you, the Group N2 20v used the OEM valves... :shock:

I strongly feel that a 20v is a much improved 16v. And it's a more excitable engine than the 16v. But each to his own...
I maintain a great respect for the 16v engine - it's been tried and tested in countless applications, whether boosted or aspirated. :thumbright:

Your car must feel like a totally different car with the head and cams done! Any power figures yet?
700kgs?? :shock: That must be some serious gutting to get the weight so low on an AE92...almost 300 kgs shed! What was your car originally - a 1.3 or 1.6 or twincam?

I wish I could join you that soon...but my car's initial setup will only be ready early next year.
By Hybrid
Congratulations buddy _ an awesome ride and project , well done !

Your patience has been duly rewarded , enjoy and keep us updated.. :wink:
By 160Ti
@ DUB you must let me know,coz the box are R10 000 with import
Dude why aspirated and not turbo? Aspirated sux up here in jhb, im gna turbo my MR soon
By JoeX

I got my car back from Dyno and is pushing 84hp on the wheels... 2.0l N/A do about 72kw on the wheels
it rev's easily upto 7500 rpm, and very quickly after 5500rpm...
By REV 2 11
@ Hybrid: thanks buddy . You would have been one of the first to see the car...if only you were available the last time I was down. :lol:
@ 160Ti: cool bro, will let you know :thumbright:
@ WGMR2: Aspirated does generally have a disavantage at altitude...but it's what I love - a jap engine screaming at high RPM. Who knows though...if I do get tired of it, I'll lower the comp and boost the living daylights out of it. :D
@ JoeX: Is that the figure you were expecting? Figures are one thing...and how it puts it down is something else altogether.

Pics of the parts added to main post...enjoy! :twisted:
By REV 2 11
TriXsta20 wrote::notworthy:
Wat did that head setup cost u?
cams vernier springs belt?
Hey TriXsta20,
without divulging exact amounts (just yet), i will tell you the head setup its just shy of R20k.
Postage from Japan is very expensive... :x
By Otius
hey man! good job! i just dont understand why one would pick a 20v over a 2zz except for price... especially when this car is actually made for 2zz :P
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