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Long-term build projects.
By C230K
Hello everyone

I'm building myself a sleeper.

The base car is a 1998 Mercedes C230 Kompressor.

The reasons for using this car is :

- cheap to buy
- cheap to maintain
- built for speeds above 200km/h
- good handeling
- big engine bay
- and... its a mercedes ( always good to take your girlfriend out in a Mercedes :lol: )

The engine im using is a Toyota 1JZ-GTE (MKii with vvti).

The reasons for using this engine:

- cheap to buy
- revs higher than 2JZ
- 9.0:1 compression good for everyday driving
- able too handle 500hp on stock internals with simple bolt on mods
- and... its a toyota (always good to take your girlfriend out in a reliable car :lol: )

The plan is to run a T3/T4 but im also considering the T61.. still got a few days to decide
The car will run a Gotech MFi pro(beter setup and more tuneable imo)

so heres the car

car on the dyno with 230k motor still in place( made 159kw and 311nm on the flywheel)

the 2.3L Kompressor motor

The motor coming out

look at all the space for the 1JZ...

My 1JZ is getting delivered on Wednesday.

Will keep you guys posted on the progress
By superCboy
Nice upgrade u got there bro! Do u by any chance wanna sell the Kompressor?
By superCboy
Just the Charger! Contact me Via Pm bro!
By 88RSI
Leker project, but personally I would have gone with the 2jz - it will out perform a 1jz hands down
By speed-freak
like he said the 1jz is cheaper!!

leker conversion bro!!
By speed-freak
like he said the 1jz is cheaper!!

leker conversion bro!!
By C230K
Hey guys,

I got the motor, stripped it, cleaned it and its looking nice!

Test fitted the motor and its going in nicely, only need to manufacture new engine mountings but apart from that everything fits perfectly!

will post pictures soon.

just a few replies :

-To get 159kw out of a 230 Kompressor motor you need to do a full 63mm freeflow and fit a Dastek Unichip Q version

- I know the 2jz will outperform the 1jz... if you spend a gazillion Rands :D with simple bolt on mods they perform almost the same. Keep in mind this is a daily driver and on the street 300kw is about the limit that u will be able to use, so there is no need to go for the 2jz. Also the 2jz is about R15000 where the 1jz is R6000... the management system to run a 2jz is R5900 and for the 1jz only R2950... i hope you are starting to see the bigger picture :wink:

By C230K
engine going in for test fit

engine in place

engine after cleaning :thumbright:

making progress slowly but surely...

By Pottie
Very nice. :thumbright:

Please post links to the pics in future (don't use the img tag). Thanks
By C230K
Update on progress

-Got myself a T04E turbo and had a custom manifold built
-Had a 4 button clutch made up
-Decided to go Dicktator and not Gotech due to budget ( BIG MISTAKE, dicktator is a good product... but the product support is ***)
-Made a custom shifter for the R21 gearbox to fit the merc lever
-Made bracket for timing pick up
-Converted the engine from 36-2 to 60-2 for Dicktator to work
-Did all the wiring

I started the engine the first time this weekend and it idles good and smooth

The deadline for the car to be on the road is end September so fingers crossed :)

Things are moving slow because i only have weekends to work on the car but i will get there

I still need to:

-Modify the propshaft
-Install the clutch
-Fit the water hoses
-Fit intercooler pipes

I may be tackling a 3S-GTE swap into a T230 Celica soon... we will see... so watch this space

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