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Okay, so the 09 rolla is considerably bigger than my '98. The interior is higher and the front and rear views (for me anyway) are terrible.
So I came across a rear view camera with a trick rear view mirror on eBay. A 4.3 TFT screen appears on the rear view camera when you select reverse gear. It looks like a normal mirror when not in reverse. For under R600, I thought it was worth the risk getting it on eBay.

It took me 30 mins to install as there is no wire from the camera to the mirror. It works wirelessly. Camera draws power from the reverse light. Mirror draws power from the maps light.

For the money spent, it was well work the investment. It's a bit fuzzy when I first tried it but found it worked 100's with the engine switched on. I tested it on ignition only when fitting and found it losing signal or fuzzy on the display. When actually using it, it works fine. It also has the distances lines to guide you so you have some idea how far an object actually is from the rear.

Just thought I'd share and hopefully help someone else in this area.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-3-HD-Car-Rear ... OU:US:1120
okay, will take some pics and post tomorrow.
Trick mirror - http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s344 ... 1408364546
This is a picture of the rear view camera taken at night. Its not so bright during the day but clear enough to see.
Green Lines indicates safe distance and red indicates caution.

Camera Install - http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s344 ... 1408365217
On this particular model, mounting the camera in a less conspicuous place under the trim plate does not give you a good view of the back. I had to relocate to this spot purely because it gave me a better view.

Another option - http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s344 ... 1408365039
You can opt for a smaller flush mount camera but I did not want to drill on the bumper. I mounted on the trim plate and the holes cannot be seen even if I remove the camera.

Only thing I'm unhappy with is it doesn't come with audible warnings.

Not the best pics but the wife isn't very good with DIY pics. :roll:

Can i be a pain and ask for a pic of the rear camera install from a distance. I want to see what the whole thing looks like from behind the car
No problem - will move the car later today and take a pic.

Like i mentioned, it does stand out a bit but this was the best location in regards to a good rear view. Plotting to getting it sprayed sliver to match the car. :)
Thank you sir

it is not confusing looking at the image when the camera is not at the centre of the car?
When I had it in the middle, the camera sit more under the trim and the view was too close to the car. So when I mounted it again, I opted for the LHS side as i have a better view of the RHS and mounted it at an angle it so it focuses more towards the centre. The camera does not face 100% forward (if that makes sense), it's angled to the RHS.
Mirror looks good, longer than the standard one. That is to be expected cos this clips over the standard one.
Picture is not HD quality but then it doesn't have to be. Screen only activates when reverse gear is selected and not noticeable at all when switched off.

http://s510.photobucket.com/user/EthanR ... 6.jpg.html

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