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Performance enhancements & engine swaps.
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By francois19
hi, my name is francois, i'm new here! i bought a 1991 mr 2 with a 3sge engine about 3 weeks ago!! last weekend i bought a gen4 3sgte engine from mikes place that will replace the 3sge very soon! we're currently busy cleaning up the engine, replacing the down pipe, removing all the bits we don't need, painting etc. I would like to replace the waterpump, oil pump, cambelt, thermostat. i'm in cape town, where can i buy these parts, or is there another Toyota engine that uses the same parts?? (camry maybe???????) i phoned a few part shops and mostly they don't even know what a 3sgte engine is!! any help will be highly appreciated!! thanks
We didnt get the 3sgte locally, so you prob going to gave to import the parts, which even may be cheaper than buying them locally if you could find them
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By superCboy
francois, u will find allot of the parts from Masterparts and allot from Gemini in jhb. send me a PM with ur contact detail.

I'm also in Ct and will be able 2 help u out. :thumbright:
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By francois19
sorry guys, i'm not online during the day! thanks for the reply!! I've found a waterpump, same as camry 3sfe and 5sfe, cambelt was easy enough, cam seals same as a Toyota tazz! i'm going to leave the "old" oilpump in for now! the thermostat and all other service parts should be easy! the waterpump was my biggest concern!! thanks again for the replies!!

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